To all our loyal followers..............
After almost 30 years on your local store shelves and
enjoying our dressings in some of your favorite restaurants, THE BEST DRESSED, myself and my staff are retiring. EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 30th, 2019. Thank you all for your support!


In the early '60s Diane Gladstone, Founder and President of THE BEST DRESSED CORPORATION, had her first Caesar salad prepared tableside in one of Toronto's finest restaurants. Inspired to recreate this delicious dressing herself, Diane, an avid cook, developed her own version of this tangy garlic dish, much to the delight of her family and friends, many of them placing orders for their own kitchens for mealtimes or special occasions.

One such "Caesar lover" who owned a ladies' high-end clothing store offered to sell Diane's "The Best Dressed" Caesar from his boutique where "the best dressed" women shopped. It was a clever and successful partnership. "The Best Dressed" Caesar sold rapidly and before long was launched into the retail food market in most of Toronto's upscale shops and supermarkets. Diane quickly relocated her home business to commercial space where she, along with her staff, make by hand this wonderful refrigerated line of salad dressings/marinades you find in stores today (see "Where to Buy").

The Best Dressed" has expanded its original single product line to five, namely Caesar, No Anchovy Caesar, Herb Vinaigrette, Black Raspberry and Chili Orange (see "Products" for individual information and nutritional data). All of these flavours are useful for numerous dishes in addition to salads (see "Recipes"). They use NO MSG, NO EGGS and NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES. All flavours are CHOLESTEROL FREE and GLUTEN FREE. All flavours, except the Herb Vinaigrette, are TRANS FAT FREE.

To this day, the lemons are freshly squeezed, only the finest and freshest ingredients are used and all filling, labeling, capping and packaging are done by hand. Labour intensive, you say? Yes...but a labour of love and the closest you'll find to making it yourself!

What sets "The Best Dressed" apart from ANY other company of its kind is the fact that its entire product line is HANDMADE...two jars at a time! Not only that, but "The Best Dressed" Salad Dressings/Marinades is the only line to offer EGG-FREE Caesars, one of which is also ANCHOVY FREE.

It's hard to believe in this age of high-tech operations, genetically modified foods and chemical food substitutes that this business continues to offer "homestyle" and handmade products for retail and food service palates and has done so successfully since 1993. No fancy packaging, no elaborate research and development facility, no million-dollar marketing budget...just word of mouth and excellent products to back it up!

Diane and her staff continue to put their passion, purity and perfection into "The Best Dressed".

Diane says: "To work with a terrific staff, in a medium I love, listening to my favorite music is extremely gratifying. I get a thrill seeing the products on store shelves and reading the numerous e-mails from people singing praises for "The Best Dressed". I've always derived great pleasure from watching others enjoy eating my culinary offerings. I'll always be grateful to the many people - family and friends, who helped "The Best Dressed" grow to the business it is today."


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